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Branded and custom printed gift-wrap rolls and gift tissue paper

Window Dressing gift-wrapIt really says allot about your company's image when you deliver your corporate or special festive season gifts,

gift-wrapped in your corporate colours.


We have the facilities to print gift-wrap rolls of with a consistent paper thickness of 80gsm, and gift tissue paper in rolls of 22gsm paper.  Our gift-wrapping paper is also suitable for window-dressing stores or shopping centres with empty windows.


The printing process we use is called Flexographic printing,and has the following limitations:


  • We can only print up to 2 SOLID SPOT COLOURS on a job with an additional LIGHTER colour background (if required)
  • The printing process will require a STEREO PLATE for each colour of the pattern you plan to print (initial layout costs)
    • Only DARK colours can be prnted onto LIGHT or white backgrounds,
    • unless you print a single colour silver or gold (these two metallic colours can overprint on any colour background)


Or minimum requirement is 5 rolls of 500mm wide x 100meters long per order for either tissue or gift-wrap.  We keep your stereo plate, so you are always welcome to re-order, switch between tissue and gift-wrap or simply change up your colours!


Please note that pricing differs between orders of the following sizes:


5 - 9 rolls,

 10+ rolls

and 25+ rolls.


We have the facility to wind the rolls into 50 meter rolls if required and we are also able to sheet the rolls into specific sizes.

or instance, if sheeted to 500x750mm each roll would yield around 130 sheets.





About the gift-wrap/ gift tissue paper stereo

The stereo's are made from a polymer type rubber and is mounted on a roller that runs through the ink, and presses the pattern onto the paper in a step and repeat fashion.  This means you artwork should follow a seamless pattern.  Our Stereo (artwork repeat size is 297 x 500mm step and repeat).


Stereo's can be re-used again and again, using different colours, and can also be used to print company gift tissue paper!



canal walk gift-wrapWhat you need to know about printing gift-wrap rolls...

Printing with the flexographic method means that we can print dark colours onto a light or white background, but not the other way around.

The only exception to this rule is metallic colours that can be printed onto dark backgrounds (gold or silver can be printed onto black).

custom branded gift-wrap meda

It also means that the colours that print over each other will result in different colour combinations where the colours overlap. A gift-wrap can be a light pink background, with a black pattern printed over it. In an instance like this, the light pink background will be "floodcoated" onto the paper (the whole roll will be printed light pink). A stereo will then be made for the black pattern overprint only. (this will still count as a 2 colour job, but only requires one stereo).


In the event that a light pink and black pattern is done on a white background, it will mean that two stereo's will have to be made, one for the pink print, and one for the black. (this will count as a 2 colour job, and will require two stereos), but there is no floodcoat background, both colours are actual prints.


When purchasing branded gift wrap for the first time, these individual stereo plates for each printed colour in the artwork has to be made.

These stereos can be re-used for future gift wrap orders using the same artwork, but possibly with new colour combinations (for instance printing the first run with a red background and a black overprint, the following run can be done with a gold background using a black overprint.

Each stereo made can be used to print on either gift-wrap or gift tissue paper.

brother gift wrap on gift-wrap dispenser


It is very important to keep in mind that this type of printing will not render the same colour density of print as for instance a laser or litho printing job, and colours may differ slightly from the required pantones in that it could be lighter shades. The colour saturation may also be darker or lighter on the edges of the patterns printed onto the paper. This is due to the stereo's being made from a rubber emulsion and being rolled through the ink in the tray. - When printing the gift wrap the stereo is mounted on a round cylinder, and then rolled through the colour ink it has to print.

The stereo then prints this artwork on the giftwrap paper that is rolled against it. This will achieve a one colour design on the paper.

Should there be a second colour on the design the next stereo has to be set up, the new colour ink loaded, and the paper must be aligned exactly (we call this the registration of the design) to achieve the exact alignment of the different colours on the design to print. This process is repeated for each new colour to be printed (with a maximum of 3 overprint colours). 


Buy one of our single roll gift-wrap dispensers that will make your life easy when using your wrapping paper.  The dispenser is made to take any core (inner roll size) from 35mm wide so you can even mount imported rolls on it.




Request a custom gift wrap or gift tissue paper quote here


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