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Custom Branding - Printing Guide to our products

Screen printing

screen printed gift bags

screenprinted gift bagsScreen printing is a process where an image that consist of solid spot colours (up to a maximum of 4 colours) are printed using wet ink and a squeeze to “screen” the image onto the product surface.  Each colour is screened individually.  For each colour printed a separate “screen” must be made, and each colour must be set up to align with the previous colour.  For this reason screen printing items will incur charges for setup / origination.  Between colours the colours are cured under a UV lamp to get the colour to dry quickly before the second colour is applied.  Colours are  determined using the universally available Pantone colour codes (we make use of the "U" or uncoated codes).
A maximum of 25 percent of the surface of the product screened can be printed.  This means no solid blocks of colour can be printed with screen printing.  

The following gift packaging items can be screen printed:



Matt Colour Gift Bags
(up to 4 solid spot colours), A4, A3 and Giant bags, single or both sides of the bag. Minimum order qty of 200 units.
Gift Ribbon
The screened images will be printed on top of the ribbon, and can be felt with your hand when touching the face of the ribbon.  
Because the ink from the screen print does not penetrate the ribbon any colour ribbon can be used for screen printing, but prints can only be a single colour.    
Where a white print is done on a dark coloured ribbon the print is white and crisp.
We are able to screenprint on Satin and Woven Petersham ribbon.
Minimum ribbon width for screening is 10mm.
The step and repeat of the artwork is 1 meter with a gap of 20mm between step and repeats.
Artwork Requirements for Screenprinting:
PRINT READY artwork is required in Vector or Vector PDF with high resolution.  Our prints are only as good as the artwork we receive from our client!

Litho printing

Litho (or lithography printing) is done using a Lithography press (a big expensive machine).   The process is simple and it is based on the elementary principle that oil and water do not mix. There are a few steps in converting your image/text into a printed page so let us discuss the plates first.

litho printed gift packaging

In lithography the plates have a roughened texture and are coated with a photosensitive (light sensitive) emulsion. This emulsion is a suspension of two chemicals that cannot be mixed together, a common household example of an emulsion is butter or margarine. Plates are made one of two ways: Exposure from a light source with film on top of the plate, or using a machine that exposes the plate, using lasers directly from the computer. Either way creates a photographic negative of the desired image, releases the emulsion, and transfers a positive image to the emulsion.fedility gift bags branded
The emulsion is then chemically treated to remove the unexposed portions of the emulsion. This final step is similar to developing film at a photo lab.


 When the printing plate is made, the printing image is grease receptive and water repelling. The non-printing areas are water attracting, and ink repelling. On the press the plate is mounted on the plate cylinder which as it rotates, comes into contact first with the rollers wet by water, which adheres to the or negative portions of the image. Then the plate comes in contact with the roller coated with ink, which adheres to the positive portions of the image
Litho printing is a full colour printing process, but unlike screen printing can be used to print full colour, three dimensional images like photographs.  Colours are determined using the Pantone colour code method (we prefer the U chart for printing on uncoated paper surfaces and the C chart for printing on coated surfaces).  
When choosing a colour (for instance Black) a fully shaded black and white image can be printed as a single colour as long as one pantone colour is used.  The image could be shaded printing the pantone colour in different percentages of saturation creating shades.  This images would still count as a single colour print, as only one pantone colour is used, but it is broken down into percentages of the same colour.  The maximum print size for lithography is approximately 790 x 1020 mm sheets.

The following gift packaging products can be litho printed:

lGift Bags
The minimum litho printed gift bag order is 1000 units per size, and per print artwork.  
We already have several standard size DIEs but customers may choose their own size (a DIE cost is then applicable).
Gift Boxes
Where a high volume of custom branded gift boxes is required (where a minimum of at least 200 sheets litho printed sized 640 x 510 is required).  
The finish of the gift box depend on the paper type used and the gift box type.
Gift Wrap
Because gift-wrap from China is readily available and relatively inexpensive, the only companies that would want to use this option is corporate companies looking to print their own branded gift-wrap in full colour and only in sheets.  
Again the minimum print of 1000 sheets per size and print is required.  
Artwork Requirements for Litho Printing:
PRINT READY artwork is required in Vector or Vector PDF with high resolution.  Our prints are only as good as the artwork we receive from our client!

Flexographic printing

Flexography (often abbreviated to flexo) is a printing process which utilizes a flexible relief plate called a Stereo.  A flexographic print is made by creating a positive mirrored master of the required image as a 3D relief in a rubber material.  The image areas are raised above the non image areas on the rubber or polymer plate. The ink is transferred from the ink roll which is partially immersed in the ink tank.  

branded gift-wrap

For every colour to be printed, a stereo plate is made and eventually put on a cylinder which is placed in the printing press. To ensure an accurate picture is made, mounting marks are made on the flexographic plates. These mounting marks can be microdots (down to 0.3 mm) and/or mounting crosses. To make a complete picture, regardless of printing on flexible film or corrugated paper, the image transferred from each plate has to fit exactly in the images transferred from the other colors (this is called the registration).  After printing each colour the sheet is fed through a dryer, which allows the inks to dry before moving on to the next colour.  
The nature of the printing process and the application of the printed product determine the fundamental quality of the flexographic inks. 

Flexographic printing can be used for the following gift packaging products:

Gift-Wrap rolls
Printing in up to 4 solid spot colours, the flexographic printing process is ideally used for printing on our gift-wrap rolls.  
Using light colours a solid background colour can be flood coated, and darker spot colours printed over it in the desired pattern.
For each over print colour an individual stereo plate is required.  
These plates can be used for future prints of the same design, but can be done in other colour variations.
Minimum print runs of 10 rolls (1000 metes) is required, but rolls can be wound in 50 or 100 meter rolls.
Sheeted packs can be made up from these rolls.  Minimum gift-wrap paper of 75 - 80gsm is used for branded printing.
Gift Ribbon
White satin or petersham woven ribbon can be printed in up to 5 spot colours.  
Flexo (rotary) printing cannot be done on dark ribbon colours as the ink prints will not show on the ribbon
Minimim order of 200 meters per artwork and ribbon width is required.
Ribbons from 10mm up to as wide as 150mm can be printed.

Digital Printing

digitally branded gift boxes black and white

Many companies want their gift boxes branded,  but simply cant afford the quantities required for printing litho and flexographic, so instead they opt for the digital process. All the above printing processes include the setup of expensive machines and the making of plates to ensure close registration of colours, printing single colours at a time.    
With digital printing all this has changed!  
The digital printing process is based on the Pixels on the electronic media the print product will be produced from. (We require a high resolution electronic image).
This printing method is as easy as taking the electronic image, and positioning it on the “page” displayed on the computer screen, then sending it to the full colour printer (laser) for printing.  This printing process is ideal for short order branded packaging items, but with limitations:"  The largest digital sheet we can print is 485 x 330mm (called a Jumbo A3 sheet).

Digital Printing process can be used on the following gift packaging products:


Gift Boxes
We can print as little as 100 full colour printed paper sheets using the digital printing process, but unfortunately the boxes must be small enough for at least the lid to fit on the A3 jumbo page size.  Due to this size restriction, most companies opt to digitally print the lid of their gift box only, and then matching it with a black or white matt paper base. Digital printing can be done on Wibalin, Matt coloured or Dakuza (slightly glossy) paper.  
Digital prints is just that, digital.    We cannot foil or varnish when using this process and the quality of the print largely depend on the quality of the paper used.
Gift Ribbon
Trilobal satin can be printed in full colour, single or double sided with alternating artwork.
More expensive but setup costs are cheaper and impact of this ribbon on the product is worth it for media and corporate launch events.
Minimum order qty of 200 meters per artwork print, and width.  (we can alternate the ribbon colours using the same artwork and width to give you the option of the same print range, but in a wider selection of colours!

Foil Printing

foil branded gift boxes
Foiling is a Hot stamping printing method in which a heated die and foil are used to apply graphics to a flat surface.  
A foiling block is made from a flat spot colour image, that is carved out of metal using an acid bath.  The resulting negative image on the block is used to transfer the foil onto the product.   Metallic foil has a metal-like sheen and gives a shiny and shimmering look to the foil stamped design.   Such foil paper is available in different metal shades such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper just to name a few.
primedia branded gift box
Foiling is a straightforward process:
The foiling block is mounted and heated,
Foil is positioned above product to be printed, 
A combination of heat, dwell time, pressure and stripping time control the quality of the stamp.
Foil stamping is essentially an environmentally friendly print process because it does not use solvents or inks and does not create any harmful vapors.  A successful foiling job is directly related to the quality of the original artwork - In order to insure the highest quality reproduction of an imprint, the original artwork should be camera quality and print ready. The better the artwork at the beginning, the better the imprint reproduction result.

Gift Packaging Products that can be foiled:

Gift Boxes
Due to the size restriction of our foiling machine the maximum foiled image we can accommodate is 6 x 6 cm.
Foiling can only be done in a single colour, and for each design a foiling block has to be made.
Refrain from overly solid artwork, and rather use outlines and limited intricate designs as this can cause partial printing.
foiling printed gift ribbon

Foiling blocks can be used for a long time, and each foiling job can be done in one of our range of assorted colours.
The foiling is done before the paper is mounted onto the cardboard of the boxes.
minimum gift box order of 100 units is required.
Gift Ribbon
Foiling can be done on any of the range of colours in our satin ribbon range.
Simple single colour designs can be used.
minimum ribbon order of 200 meters, and minimum width of 10mm.

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