Gift-Wrap and Tissue paper Standard Prints, plain colours

Gift wrap available in plain solid colours, metallic colours and popular gift wrap prints like swirls, filigree patterns and pinstripes are available ex stock for our gift-wrap rolls, and in sheeted packs for the tissue paper.  We have a very polupar range of plain colour tissue paper printed in South Africa, support us, your local manufacturing partner.

We sell these standard stock gift-wrap rolls of 50 meters, or  100 meters on request.  Our sheeted tissue paper packs are sold in 25sheets per pack, in bright colours as well as metalic tissue paper.

Not only do we have a stock set of printed standard gift wrap rolls, but we can also do a standard set of soldid colours, most popularly Red, Grey, Royal Blue, Orange and other colours

Need branded gift-wrap or tissue paper?

We are able to brand on gift-wrap and tissue paper in up to 2 solid spot colours OR 3-4 solid spot colours step and repeat logos or designs printed with the flexographic printing process. Minimum orders of 10 rolls of 100 meters per roll apply for our branded gift-wrap or gift tissue paper options. We do also have metallic print options available on our branded gift-wrap and gift tissue paper.